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450+ Best WordPress Themes (Free and Premium): Updated 2021

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How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme?

Choosing the best WordPress theme isn’t rocket science. But users can still end up with a bad theme and
time figuring out how things work. And to say the least, that’s not the way you dream of spending your

You have a million-dollar dream, and you’d rather work on that. We, on the other hand, are boring souls
who get
paid to make your life easier (but secretly enjoy doing it all) so we decided to do the dirty and
laborious work
for you. So go ahead and search for the best WordPress theme from our list because we’ve listed the best
after some thorough research.

But since your curiosity is getting the better of you, we’ll tell you exactly how to select the best
theme so as not to end up with an undesirable one that wastes your time.

Okay, so the right WordPress theme is more than just a pretty facade. It must offer a host of useful
that adds to your visitor’s user experience and also gives you complete control over the website’s look
feel. Which WordPress theme allows you to do that? The ones that nail the following features:

User Experience

Good User Experience (UX) is crucial for the success of your website. No user ever said, “I have no
idea what
the website is about, and I love it.” So to begin with, a good WordPress theme should follow the
best design
practices, and it’s also well-structured with a modern look to it (unless your website is
specifically made
for people from the 1880s). And since we live in the age of smartphones, it should be responsive so
that it
adapts to any screen size. All of this ensures that your visitors don’t feel like they just
parachuted into
a dyslexic jungle.


Your theme’s compatibility with the latest CMS releases and plugins is almost the same as your
with your partner. If you’re both compatible, life is great. If not, life is miserable. Hence, while
choosing the best WordPress theme for your website, you have to make sure it’s compatible with the
WordPress version, most popular plugins, and page builders, etc. This ensures that your website
doesn’t run
into any problems and you have to end up changing the whole theme at the wrong time.


The best WordPress themes have functionalities that help them stand apart and fulfill your crucial or
specific needs in a crowd full of random themes in all niches. Hence, popular themes with thousands
installations and popularity meter on the high usually have unique features and address a broad
spectrum of
use-cases. And, of course, they are highly customizable as well so that they can adapt to your

Ease of Use

Ease of use is one of the primary attributes of the best WordPress themes. A theme may offer several
features, but if it takes you 20 Google searches to change a font or if it requires a Ph.D. degree
customize a page, it’s a bad theme. No one likes to keep going to square one. In contrast, a good
theme is
easy to use, comes with support from theme developers or the community, and doesn’t give you a

SEO Ready

It is important for a WordPress theme to be SEO-friendly, firstly, because it helps with the SEO and
it helps even a beginner user to optimize the website for SEO without tweaking its files. The best
theme is developed while keeping all the SEO best practices in mind and is frequently updated to
the latest policies.


While this may not be a must-have for each website owner, a good WordPress theme should be
regardless. Even if you don’t have a global dream, some do, and the theme should be ready to adapt
to that
challenge when the need arises. Hence, the ability to add a new language to your website and the
availability of fonts and typefaces is another feature that makes a good theme just worth it.


Whether you decide to go for a free theme or you feel like money doesn’t belong in your wallet and
decide to
purchase a premium theme, it helps to read user reviews to make a final decision. User reviews not
just tell
you how good or bad a theme is, but they can inform you about the nitty gritty’s that you may
care about. Hence, make sure that whatever theme you go for has enough user reviews to land it in
your good


Everything on the internet is run by code and goes without saying but your WordPress theme was
written with
code as well. That means that when you tinker here and there and accidentally mess up the code, the
can break down. So unless you’re a developer, you’d need expert support when things go south, and
any theme
worth its salt provides support to their users and helps them troubleshoot any problems that they
might run


Licensing allows you to use a theme’s services like support, updates, discounts, and other tools that
creators provide. These licensing options can fall under both freemium and premium options, so you
need to
keep an eye on what the theme offers, because most popular themes may offer a lot of goodies within
freemium options.


The more documentation a theme offers, the easier it is for users to get started. The density of
documentation of any theme reflects on its quality. This is because while most users can get started
easily, a lot of the time they need guidance or some sort of reference in the latter stages of a
life when things can get complicated. And that’s where good or great themes shine because the
behind them contains all the information you need to troubleshoot or get through some configuration.
So to
say, a good theme will never leave you stranded when you need critical information.

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