5 Ways To Generate More Leads For Mortgage Brokers

5 Ways To Generate More Leads For Mortgage Brokers

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Want to make more money as a mortgage broker?

Then you need to figure out how to generate more leads.

Today we are going to discuss five strategies that will help you do exactly that.

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Why You Need to Create a Super Valuable Lead Magnet First

It’s important to understand that there’s a difference between someone who’s just a potential customer and someone who’s a legitimate lead:

  • A potential customer is an individual who belongs to your target audience.
  • A lead is a potential customer who has given you their contact details so that you could reach out to them.

So when we talk about lead generation, we aren’t talking just about getting more people interested in your services, we are talking about converting potential customers into leads by persuading them to give you their contact details.

And when it comes to online marketing, this means persuading them to give you their email addresses. But how can you do that?

Here’s the thing:

People will not give you their email addresses unless you give them something SUPER VALUABLE in return.

And that’s where your lead magnet comes in. It’s a freebie that you offer to potential customers in exchange for their email addresses.

It can be anything that they can either download to their device or access online:

  • A report.
  • An ebook.
  • A masterclass.
  • A video course.
  • An email course.
  • A webinar.
  • An app.


What matters is that:

  1. Your lead magnet offers a solution to a problem that the potential customer is struggling with.
  2. That problem is one of the problems that you address as a mortgage broker.

So ask yourself what issues do you see coming up again and again when dealing with people who want to get a mortgage:

  • What do people need to know before applying for a mortgage?
  • What are the pros and cons of applying directly vs going through a broker?
  • What are the common misconceptions about getting a mortgage?
  • What are the common mistakes when trying to get a mortgage?
  • What can someone do to increase their chances of getting a mortgage?


Pick the issue that comes up the most frequently and provide a free solution to that problem in a format that makes the most sense.

“But why would people hire me if I give away all this information for free?” you might wonder.


Because once they realize how complicated the process of choosing the right mortgage and then actually getting it is, they will be inclined to at least consider hiring a mortgage broker.

And guess who will be the first person that comes to their minds?

That’s right.


So go the extra mile to create a super valuable lead magnet that exceeds their expectations.

It will serve as the foundation of not only your lead generation strategy but also your entire sales funnel.

The key to designing an effective lead magnet graphic.

Lead Gen Strategy #1: Run Facebook Ads to Your Lead Magnet Landing Page

We believe that the most straightforward way to generate more leads is to:

  1. Create a landing page for your lead magnet. You can think about it as a “sales page” for your freebie. Why should someone download it? Your lead magnet landing page is your opportunity to convey the value that you are offering.
    It doesn’t have to be a sophisticated copywriting masterpiece, either. You can start with a simple squeeze page that has a headline, an opt-in form, and a call-to-action button. You can add more copy, social proof, etc. later on to make it more persuasive.
  2. Use Facebook ads to drive traffic to that landing page. Take at Building backlinks to that content. A backlink is a link from another website to your website. It’s presumed to be the most important ranking factor. The more backlinks your website in general and that piece of content, in particular, has the more likely it is to rank for the target keyword. Look at your existing customers. What traits do they have in common? Use that information to target similar people with your Facebook ads. Begin with a small daily budget, then start gradually increasing it once you have figured out how to run ads profitably.

Paid advertising is the fastest way to see whether your lead magnet resonates with your target audience. And what if it doesn’t? No problem. Go back to the drawing board and create a better one.

Here at ClickFunnels, we often have to test a bunch of offers to find one that our ideal customers love, so don’t be discouraged if the first lead magnet you come up with turns out to be a flop. It happens. That’s just part-and-parcel of marketing your business online.

Lead Gen Strategy #2 Share Mortgage Advice on YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video hosting platform in the world that has over 2.2 billion users worldwide. So why not tap into that massive user base?

The process of generating leads on YouTube is straightforward:

  1. Use the YouTube search function to identify popular keywords. Type in a relevant search term and look at search suggestions. These are the most popular keywords related to that search term.

    For example, if you use the term “how to get a mortgage”, you might get these search suggestions:

Lead Gen Strategy #2 Share Mortgage Advice on YouTube, search engine result, example.
  1. Create videos targeting those keywords. Make sure that each video is better than all the other videos on that topic. Also, check out comments under videos that are currently ranking for the target keyword to learn what the viewers want to know, but the top videos don’t cover. 
  2. Promote your lead magnet at the end of each video. Consider creating several lead magnets so that you could promote the most relevant ones in each video. You can even make a separate lead magnet for every video (this can quickly become too resource-intensive depending on your production schedule, though).

    Keep in mind that the more relevant your lead magnet is to the video in question, the more likely the viewers will be to check it out.

Example: Alex Kerr

Alex Kerr is a mortgage broker who has a YouTube channel with 103 videos and 13.1k subscribers.

Here’s his most popular video that has 88,167 views at the time of writing:

It’s a great example of a super valuable video that is packed with useful information.

Also, if you are an average person who is planning to handle their mortgage application themselves, a video like that will likely make you realize how complicated this process actually is and consider hiring a mortgage broker instead.

And note how Alex has either responded to or reacted to most of the comments under this video. Not only does it make him look approachable, but it also generates engagement which helps the video rank higher on YouTube’s search results.

Learn more:

Lead Gen Strategy #3: Build a Niche Mortgage Advice Website

Want to get leads from Google?

You can do so by creating a niche mortgage advice website that is tailored towards your target audience (first-time buyers, property investors, etc.).

It boils down to these three things:

  1. Creating SEO content. This means content that is designed to rank for a specific keyword on the first page of Google’s search results. What matters is that you choose a keyword that your ideal customers are searching for, then create a piece of content that is better than anything that is currently ranking for that keyword.
  2. Building backlinks to that content. A backlink is a link from another website to your website. It’s presumed to be the most important ranking factor. The more backlinks your website in general and that piece of content, in particular, has the more likely it is to rank for the target keyword.
  3. Promoting your lead magnet on your website. Add a content upgrade to the most popular posts. Have a call to action encouraging people to check out your lead magnet at the end of each post. Use an exit-intent pop-up that is shown when the visitor is about to leave the site (you have nothing to lose at that point).

That way, you will not only get organic traffic from Google but also convert that traffic into leads.

Keep in mind that search engine optimization (SEO) is a long game. Be prepared to invest at least 12 months into it before you start seeing meaningful results.

Learn more:

(This is the first video in the free course, you can check out the rest on this YouTube playlist)

Lead Gen Strategy #4: Attend Local Industry Events

You can also generate leads the old-fashioned way: by building a reputation in your local community.

Obviously, the #1 way to do that is to delight your customers so that they would be inclined to recommend you to their friends and family.

However, you can speed up the process of making a name for yourself by attending local industry events such as real estate meetups, real estate conferences, etc.

What’s important is that you come to these events not to extract value but to add value:

Talk to people. Listen to them. Be genuinely curious. Give them free advice where you can. Simply be a genuine, helpful person.

Over time, you will build a network of people who are interested in real estate, who might then want to work with you because they trust you.

And even if they don’t need a mortgage broker themselves, they will likely know someone who does, so they still might send business your way.

Lead Gen Strategy #5: Write a Book About Mortgages

This is a more advanced lead generation technique because it requires you to:

  1. Write a book.
  2. Market it.
  3. Rank it on Amazon.

You want to first pick a topic that is related to your niche (e.g. “How to Get a Mortgage As a First-Time Buyer”), then read all the other books on the same topic, and figure out how you can make your book better.

A great way to understand what these other books lack is to read customer reviews and look for issues that come up over and over again.

Then you need to create a detailed outline, set aside time for writing each week, and start working on the book. You might want to hire an editor if you have never written a book before.

Once you have your manuscript, you should self-publish it on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback formats and create the audiobook version for Audible.

At the end of the book, you should invite your readers to go to your website and download special bonuses, aka book-specific lead magnets.

Make sure to invest in a top-quality book cover design because we all judge books by their covers.

Okay. So you have published your book. Now what?


Now the real work begins.

Anyone can publish a book these days. But selling a lot of copies of that book? That takes extraordinary effort.

What you want to do is start cold emailing influencers, bloggers, and podcasters in the real estate space, offering them a review copy of your book, then following up with them to see if they would like to promote it to their audience, review it, interview you, etc.

And just to give you a sense of the amount of effort needed to get a book off the ground:

When Dorie Clark, a Duke and Columbia business professor, launched her book “Stand Out”in 2015, she appeared on 160 podcasts that year. Talk about hustle!

But while it requires an enormous amount of effort to make your book a success, the benefits of having published a popular book on your subject of expertise can be just as enormous. How so?

Not only the book itself generates leads directly but it also helps you indirectly by massively boosting your credibility in the eyes of potential customers.

Think about.

Would you rather hire:

  • A random mortgage broker.
  • A mortgage broker who has published a best-selling book on getting a mortgage as a first-time buyer.


So if you are willing to do what it takes to make your book a success, then you should seriously consider going this route. You won’t regret it.

Learn more:

“How Taylor Pearson Sold 5000 Copies of His Book in One Month”(Writers in Charge)

Want to Learn How to Convert Those Leads Into Customers?

Follow the advice in this article and you’ll soon be getting more leads than ever.

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Our 5 Day Challenge will show you exactly how to implement them in your business.

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